Day of the Ceremony


Before the Ceremony

Plan to arrive 1.5 hours in advance of the ceremony to:

  • Personal items must be left with your guests.
  • Collect your participation card. Note: If you have a hold on your account your participation card will not be available.
  • Once you collect your participation card, spell your name phonetically on the card. Do not completely cross out the correct spelling of your name; rather, draw a single line through it.
  • Pick up your academic regalia. If you have pre-booked your gown and hood online please bring a copy of your receipt with you. If you have not pre-booked your regalia, you must have the $25 rental fee with you.

From there you will proceed to the Odeon to prepare for the processional

Graduate Procession                                    

Marshals will give line-up instructions based on the number found on your participation card. Don’t bring personal items with you to the procession.


A photographer will be on stage taking photos.

After the Ceremony

  • Return your gown and hood.
  • Collect your class composite if you have had your photograph taken by LifeTouch Photographers and have paid your sitting fee.
  • Join your classmates at the reception hosted in the RAC Courtyard. Family and friends are encouraged to attend the celebratory receptions.