Convocation Webcasts

For guests who are unable to attend the ceremony in person a live stream will be available 15 minutes prior to the ceremony start time.

Permission to Record and Broadcast 

Participants in convocation ceremonies have consented to Nipissing University recording, altering, broadcasting, reproducing and using their visual and/or aural likeness from any still image, video recording and/or audio recording, in any medium, for any purpose, for perpetuity, by virtue of participating in the convocation. Nipissing University is the copyright owner of the recorded materials, and reserves all rights.
Convocation Webcasts
The ceremonies are streamed using the Windows Media Series 9 platform.¬† It’s recommended that viewers have the most recent, updated version of Windows Media Player in order to avoid any incompatibilities.¬† MAC and Firefox users can also install Windows Media players/plugins for Window Media so that they can view the Convocation proceedings.
MAC OS X users can choose either Quicktime components for Windows Media (Flip4Mac) or the Windows Media Player 9 for Mac:
Support for older versions of the Mac OS and support for a Windows Media Player ActiveX control to the Firefox browser can select an appropriate download version from this site:
(browse the “Select Version” drop-down list from the Download Center page)
Another alternative for Firefox users:

Click Here to view the 2017 Convocation Webcast